Would You Do This if You Could Get Away with It?

Of course this is not going to be legal, but this guy was claiming that he had figured out a way that he could tell me how to get free money on paypal. He was using some sort of program, which it was claimed could help you get up to a thousand dollars. I could probably get away with it without getting punished, but the reward simply does not seem worth the risk to me. I could use a thousand dollars, just like anyone else could, but a thousand dollars is simply not worth a great deal of risk. In this case you probably never go to jail, because it is not a very serious crime in comparison to hitting some guy over the head and taking his wallet for example. In fact that is not really what I am worried about to be honest, because I have no criminal record and if they caught me they would not ever send me to prison, but of course it would likely cost me several thousand dollars to get away with it and I would therefore be taking a big loss on the whole deal.

The thing that would worry me is my reputation, or to be specific my reputation with the people who decide whether or not to give you a job. They are going to do a criminal background check and a whole lot of jobs are going to be off limits if you have any sort of criminal record. In this case they are going to think that if you were willing to take from Paypal, then you may well be just as willing to take from them as well. In fact a lot of girls will run the same sorts of checks on a guy before they date them.