When You Replace Your HVAC System, Make Sure You Do It Right

We put it off for as long as possible, but the heat this summer had us calling for air conditioning installation in New York City. We checked the weather and had it done when there was a cool spell in the middle of summer. We had a lot of 90 degree plus days this year. The old AC system was struggling to keep the place even halfway comfortable. The main problem was the removal of the humidity. It felt muggy inside even when it was okay as far as the temperature goes.

Replacing the entire HVAC system was our project. We had problems with the furnace the last couple of winters. While we were ahead on our budget, we decided to invest in the infrastructure renovations now. It would be nice if the city could do that with all of its roads, subways, bridges, tunnels and sewer systems. It is an investment. The new AC system and furnace would operate at a much higher efficiency than the old ones. The savings would go toward the repayment of the loan for replacement. It all figures in. Plus, we would have a warranty that would cover any issues.

My main goal was comfort. The new system had an air handling capability that really did “condition” the air. It filtered it, dehumidified it and cooled it in the summer. For the winter it would filter it, humidify it and heat it. The filtration system was electrically charged to remove particulates. Plus the HEPA unit could extract even odors. It was a good investment to get the entire HVAC system updated. I am very happy with how comfortable it is inside now too. No more cold or hot spots. It feels good in every room and every corner of every room. That is an indicator of a great HVAC system.