Using a VPS for Software Testing Online in an Isolated Environment

My wife and I have spent a lot of time in self-education to learn how to develop apps for computer use. The first programming language I learned was BASIC back in the early 1980s. It may have been 1979. I remember having a small computer that had a keyboard built into it. The keyboard was not even full size. The storage media was a cassette tape in a small cassette tape player. You could have one program running at a time in RAM. Now we found ourselves looking for a cheap Windows VPS to have a sandbox OS operating online that we both can access from anywhere.

Years ago apps were called software applications. Then is was shortened to “software.” Then it became “apps” when smartphones got popular. Though tablets and smartphones are in the hands of practically everyone nowadays, there still is a need for great PC software to run on laptops and desktops. There are some areas not strongly served with great software. Now you probably could not come out with a new word processor and sell it. After all, there is Word and Open Office. The latter one is free. How can you compete against that? Still, there are niche areas that still have many thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of potential customers. That is our approach.

The cheap Windows VPS we use allows us to conserve our money and still have a fully functional sandbox in an online environment that we can control and even mess up and then fix without worry. The VPS we use lets us reboot and everything just like we could with a computer in our home office. We like to spend a lot of time traveling on the cheap, so the VPS makes it so we can work on our projects anywhere we have an Internet connection.