Unintentionally Exploring a Hot Trend

Hot yoga is something that I’ve read about, but I never imagined that I would be doing. I’ve been running the studio for about five years, and during the middle of one of my yoga classes, the air conditioner stopped working. Everyone in the studio began to sweat a lot more than usual, and it was beginning to feel like a sauna. I had to make the entire class take more breaks than we normally do, and I aimed some fans at the class. I had to find a company for a repair on an HVAC in Bronx or else we would all be sweating bullets for the future classes.

I asked the class if they wanted to end early that day, but they decided that they wanted to continue doing yoga in the heat. I thought they were crazy, but they were paying me to teach them yoga, so kept the class going. In a way, it was heart warming to see everyone so dedicated to continue with the yoga, but it was also something that I don’t want to do again anytime soon. Once the class was over, I looked at as many repair companies as I could find.

I was able to get in touch with a company and they came to the studio to figure out why the air conditioner wasn’t behaving properly. They did a little bit of disassembly and found a few parts that had worn out from regular use. It was fairly easy for the company to replace these parts and the air conditioner returned to its normal operations. On the next day of yoga class, my students asked me if I could turn the air conditioner off again so they could perform yoga in the heat, and I politely declined because I didn’t want to pass out.