This is My Future Home

From the first moment I heard about Seaside Residences, I knew that it was where I wanted to be. First off, the location is perfect for me. I work only about a mile from where it is going to be developed, and that sure beats the commute that I have right now. It is also being designed to be extremely comfortable and wonderful for anyone living there. There are some condos that offer the typical amenities like swimming pools and fitness centers, but that is about it. That is just where things start with Seaside Residences though, as they offer so much more.

I wanted to look at the different floor plans, but they were not released yet when I looked. That did not mean I was not able to still get a lot of information on them though. I knew that I only needed a one bedroom unit for myself, but it was neat knowing that people with families are able to live here too since the condos will have anywhere between one and five bedrooms each. I don’t really hang out with anyone who has kids, but that did not mean that I minded living with families who do have them.

The layout of the entire development is really neat too. I was able to look at some maps of the site plan as well as some pictures of what it will be like. To say I was impressed would definitely be an understatement. Everything is designed for maximum comfort and beauty, which seems an impossible task since it does involve over 800 units. They have a solid plan though to make sure that every single unit is the best, and I really like their vision with all of this. I am just looking forward to finally moving in there as soon as it is ready.