The New Shining American Dream

Did you know that the American Dream has changed? Oh, yes. You might hear vicious rumors that the Dream has been dead and buried, that we have lost our way, lost the vision that our forefathers set. This grand experiment that America was meant to be has failed – or so they might say. But no, the Dream is alive and well and that Dream is for cheap internet. Yes, my friends, cheap Internet is what we Americans want more than anything. We have plenty of food, too much in fact! We have plenty of homes, enough for every man, woman and child! We have clothes! We have sunshine! We have money! What we don’t have is a reliable Internet Service Provider who is not going to charge us every which way and leave us with a weak infrastructure that provides little for our needs. Most of the developed world has better service than what America has – there is something wrong with that. When did the United States fall so far behind in this? We used to be giants of technology but now? We are giants at being taken advantage of by our companies! It is time for a change, my friends. If we are truly sick and tired of being exploited by these so-called Internet Service Providers, then we have to make a difference ourselves. Go to your local government and lobby hard for new infrastructures, new companies, new blood to bring competition back to the table and force these giant, uncaring providers to change their methods. If we do not do anything they will simply continue their crusade of pillaging our pockets and our dreams – let’s make this new American dream a reality. We are those in control, not them. Don’t let them fool you into thinking otherwise.