The Liberal Metropolis of a Hipster’s Dreams

Ever since I saw the show Portlandia, I’ve been considering my choice of staying here in Kentucky. Sure, Kentucky is a wonderful place and no doubt one of the most beautiful states here in the U.S but after so many years of calling it home I’m beginning to find myself wanting something more. Portlandia might be a satire of the city of Portland but a satire holds some element of true. Already I have started to look for apartments portland or homes to rent, further inspired by a friend of mine who recently returned from a trip to visit one of her own friends in Portland. She came to me and said, “I belong there.”. Such a profound statement should not be underestimated as Portland clearly holds something of value to a certain type of individual. What is it about the place that calls the weird and the Hipsters to it? Is it a liberal mind set? Is it a sense and value of personal freedom and exploration? Is it all of those things?

Whatever the inherent quality that Portland possesses, I certainly want to be a part of it. Even if I find myself not calling the place home after a few months I don’t think I will come to regret my decision to move there. Life is about experience and if I limit my experiences to only those that are found here in Kentucky, I will never be able to truly consider myself an enriched and experienced individual capable of coping with life’s many problems that might emerge. The only concern that I currently have regarding moving is definitely finding some kind of work. While Portland might be a liberal paradise, it seems that a liberal paradise is often synonymous with unemployment. I guess you can’t have your organic Chia seed cake and eat it, too.