The Demographics Are Finally Lining Up

When I purchased my first house to flip, I decided that I not only liked the idea of flipping a house but in owning it as well. Since I didn’t need but one house for myself, I ended up with nearly two dozen rental properties within a five year span. The houses were really nice, but I was not getting the demographics in there that I wanted. I wanted young Millennials since they are our future, so I knew that I was going to have to do some research. I did a search for rental housing tips, and that is how I found the Rental Housing Journal.

This is an online site that helps property management companies as well as landlords. There are a good amount of blog posts along with documents and articles that contain a lot of very useful information. I was really happy to have found this site because there was a lot of information about the younger generation. They are our future, so it made sense that we would have to adapt to their way of things. One of those things is being connected, as in the internet.

These younger people use their phones everywhere, and I was learning that they use them to find rental properties too. I didn’t even have a website for my properties. I had just been listing them in the local paper, which is something this younger generation usually doesn’t read since they get news on their phones. Well, I changed. I have a website now with all my rental properties, and they are even interactive where potential tenants can take a virtual tour, ask questions, schedule an appointment, and even pay their rent if they do take one of the houses. Since I started doing things their way, the demographics have begun lining up perfectly for me!