The Best Time of Year to Save Big Money is on Cyber Monday

I try to save money by not splurging all throughout the year on every little item that I want at the very moment that I see it. In the past, I bought all throughout the year with very little thought and quickly found myself in debt as a result. After spending years of making payments to pay back the debt, I learned my lesson. Since then, I have learned to purchase what I want during sales instead. This year, I year I plan to get a new laptop this way.

I did a search for Cyber Monday laptop deals 2014 online and found some great deals. This is a sale that occurs every year on the Monday that follows Thanksgiving day. It is a great way to get tech items without paying more than you need to. I also look for deals on items at this sale that I can purchase as gifts for Christmas at very low prices, too. Everything from video games to tablets, MP3 players and more for my wife and kids. I listen closely to the things they are interested in, and I often find those very things can be found at steep discounts when purchased during this special, once-per-year sale.

Last year, my buddy and I sat down to compare costs on the gifts we bought for the holiday season. He spent over $1500.00 more than I did, yet we bought many of the same types of items. He wanted to know my secret, and I told him to watch ads and websites for deals on Cyber Monday. This year he told me he saved $800.00, and will never purchase blindly throughout the year again. Just like I learned, he now understands that it pays to be patient. I know my kids and wife will be very happy with the gifts they receive from me under the Christmas tree this year.