Staying Down at the Beach This Summer

I am working on this summer job down here in the area of North Myrtle Beach. I brought the adjustable dumbbells with me, but I could have left them back at my apartment in Raleigh, NC. I am not needing any other means of working out. I obviously knew that roofing was not going to be a lot of fun, but I was looking to do some out of doors work and I did not think it would be too bad. If I knew how to do the job it would be better I am sure, because I am a beast of burden as it is right now. I am learning my way around the job. You take the shingles and you put them on in certain pattern, then you drive a few roofing nails in and repeat the pattern. However I did not think about the obvious fact that you have to get the shingles up on the roof.

There are close to forty shingles in a bundle and each bundle weighs sixty six pounds. At least that is what they told me. That is bad enough, but then you got to carry it up the ladder and deliver it to the guys. Obviously it is best if you do not fall off the roof and die or fall off the roof and break your neck either. Then they want you to go back down and do the same thing again. Of course I was thinking that they could easily rig up some sort of boom crane that would do a large part of the work. In theory it would look a bit like Paul Bunyan’s fishing pole, but it would have to have a fulcrum to pivot the load upon. It would be easy to do a lot of things, but I would be out of the job if they did.