Started Working My New Job

I was spending a bit too much of my time working on cars for free while I was out of work, apparently all of my friends and their friends and family decided that I had nothing better to do. Of course I liked working for free just as well as I liked sitting about looking at day time TV or browsing the want ads on and all of the other industry web sites. It is a long time for me to go three weeks without work when I take a long vacation and this is now almost a month and a half. Of course Nell says that this is what I get for working for a drunken idiot, not caring to be reminded that I went to work straight out of grade school for the very sober and reliable father of the drunken idiot. My mistake was not being prepared better for the inevitable, as it is not as though I did not know what was going to happen. So long as Mr Nialls was in charge no one had very much to worry about. Business came in, the customers were taken care of properly and they came back. There was a lot of work for everyone. It was just a matter of time before Junior messed it all up and I assume that his father would have realized it just as well and just would not face the truth. I have no one else to blame for not getting ready for it, although I did save up plenty of money. Nell did not like that much until she figured out the reason behind it and that we would need to have some money saved up. At any rate this is a better job, running a garage rather than working in one.