Seeing the World for What It is

Turning eighteen and finally being able to move out of my parents place has been far more exciting than I thought it would be. The sensation that you experience when you know you have something akin to ultimate freedom is one that cannot be described and even if some of my concerns are only whether I should get direct tv for north carolina or not does not take away from the fact that I am now on my own and am capable of doing pretty much whatever I want. I had no idea just how much parents were actively doing to stifle my sense of self and creativity – I knew that my dad was pretty controlling but once I moved out (much to their anger and surprise) I realized just how much they tried to control the entirety of my life. It’s a strange experience to recognize this; that the world you thought was your own was in actuality a world designed by someone else.

Honestly, its even kind of scary to think that they would have gone through so much trouble in their desperate attempt to keep me from the greater world. I thought the life that I had with them was realtively normal but to my surprise, once I had my own Direct TV and access to a greater world, I could see that their blind faith in Christianity had completely altered the way in which they saw the world. I’m thankful that I am out on my own now and can see the world for what it is without the rose shaded glasses that they forced me to wear and that they wear willingly themselves. I much rather face the hardships of the world and not see it as evil and instead see it as a multicolored world.