Our Remote Backup Service Helped Us After a Fire

Our business location had a fire last month. As far as we can gather, one of our employees went out back to the smoking area we had set up for them, and they dropped a lit cigarette into a trash can full of paper. We have an ashtray area set up for each of the employees to use, but he forgot. While insurance would help pay to get set back up again, another saving grace was the face that we have backup server done remotely for us through another company that we pay on a monthly basis.

For many years we chose to simply have a couple of extra servers at our location to handle all backups. But we do not have a server room, and this made us decide to have it done at a remote location instead. Little did we know this choice would save us. Physical servers at our location would have never made it through the fire. In fact, next to nothing in our building survived the fire.

We were able to set up at another location. Though we had little space in our temporary business spot, so we had half of our employees working from home. You can bet they love that! Our tech guys contacted the company who handles everything for us and explained the situation. Between my guys and the remote team, everything was set back up with in minutes.

Honestly, at this point, I see no reason to ever try to handle all the backup on our own at our own location ever again. I fear that had we chosen to when this fire hit, I would have to shut down our business for many months while we tried to compile all our data by memory, phone calls and a variety of other ways of sleuthing that would have cost us time and money.