Our Daughter Can Play Outside Safely Now

When my husband told me that we were moving to New Jersey, I was incredibly excited. I have lived on the west coast all my life, and I was more than ready for a new adventure with the man I love. We flew out ahead of time and found a house to buy. I was so happy to see that there were a lot of geese around the property that we put an offer in on. But after we purchased the house and we moved there, I soon learned how important Canada geese control in NJ can be.

I really liked opening the windows up each day to see the geese flying around. I even love the sounds they make. I watched them daily as I passed by the windows and unpacked many moving boxes. At sundown, my husband would come home, and we would relax outside on our patio while watching them, too. Truly relaxing. Once we were all packed, we then had more time to do things outdoors, which came a few weeks after we had he house all set up and unpacked.

The very first day, I sat on the patio and watched our 5-year-old daughter play in the backyard. Not long after, I noticed that she had something all over her sandals. It was then that I realized that it was goose droppings! I took her inside, put a new pair of shoes on her, and we went back outside. Not long after, she stepped in goose droppings again. I surveyed the yard then and saw that it was everywhere! This meant she could not even play in her own yard.

The neighbors told us that it is something you have to deal with or get someone to come help you. We chose to get help. The place we called promised no harm to the birds, and they have gentle ways to get the birds to move to another area. It really worked, too!