One Great App Leads to Unexpected Help

I downloaded this great new app that shows me movie times based on my current location. I use it all the time. Last week I went to the movies, and I had to wait a whole hour before my movie was supposed to start. It just so happened that the theater was right next to a traditional Chinese medicine clinic. I began to read the text on the window including the URL: I was intrigued. I pushed my face into the glass trying to get a look inside, but I couldn’t really see anything. I decided to go inside. I walked up to the front desk and told the friendly woman inside that I wanted to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how it could help me. She handed me a brochure and suggested that I schedule an appointment for a consultation.

I scheduled an appointment for later that week. When I arrived, I had a short wait before going in to see the doctor. I took that time to read some additional literature about the history of TCM. Before I knew it the doctor was ready to see me. We walked down a corridor into a welcoming, well lit room. The doctor took my full health history and spent a great deal of time discussing some of my more important problems. I told him about a football injury that had occurred during college. He decided that this was what we would focus on during our first session.

Our first session consisted of a therapeutic massage in the affected area. I had received sports related massages before, but nothing quite like this. His technique loosened up my muscles much more than anyone else had been able to. I really wanted him to keep going, but my appointment time was over before I knew it. He suggested that I come back for regular appointments, and I plan to do so.