Oil Changes, Racing Toddlers and Lower Back Injuries All in One Day!

I bought a used car to save money. We have been cutting our budget and working overtime saving for a down payment on a house. I took the car in for an oil change and learned that there are no lube points on newer cars, so no need for grease. Plus, the oil plug and the filter were easy to reach even without the car on a lift. So, the next time I decided to change the oil to save money. And this is my story of why I needed to see a Corte Madera chiropractor after attempting to do my own oil change on my new car.

I went to the auto department at Sam Walton’s big old store. I like my name for the place better than what everyone else calls it. They have the cheapest oil. The stuff is all the same when you buy it buy its rating. This car used the semi-synthetic type, and it was a few bucks cheaper to buy it buy the case. I picked up the box and put it in the cart. Well, that was the plan anyway. When I turned to put the box in the cart, a little kid came racing by between me and my cart. I was trying not to hit him with the box or step on him. I did a little dance as the kid bumped me and rushed passed me, and I got a funny feeling in my lower back.

It kind of felt like I had pulled a muscle. I was holding a heavy case of oil and doing an awkward acrobatic move to not step on a toddler. The parent apologized and said, “He does that.” I felt like giving them both a boot in the behind, but my back hurt! I have done this before, and the last time it happened I spent a few days on the couch in a lot of pain. So, I called my Corte Madera chiropractor as soon as I got out to the car. They know me and asked me if I could just swing by on my way home. I went in and got an adjustment on my lumbar vertebrae that consistently give me trouble if I am not careful. I was feeling much better immediately after the adjustment relieved the nerve impingement m dance with the brat caused. I put off the oil change for a day, but I was not down for the count with back pain this time around.