Number of Televisions Connected with Direc TV

Right now I am paying close to 40 dollars a month, just to have two digital boxes in my house, that have DVR capabilities. It seems extremely excessive, and I am not able to get digital cable on the rest of the televisions in my house, because that would cost even more. It is annoying, and I want to make a switch. To that end, I have been browsing – – in hopes of learning more Direct TV and what they have to offer, in terms of the television packages that they have, and other things like that.

I am particularly curious how many televisions I am going to be able to have hooked up to the satellite dish, and how much it is going to cost, on a per television basis. I would really prefer to not pay extra, for extra televisions, because it seems like you should be able to pay for television on a per household basis, and not on a per television basis. That is the way I view it anyway.

I do like DVR, and I make use of it quite a bit. However, I do not like it enough to have to pay a lot of extra money for it. I believe that it costs around 15 to 18 dollars per month, per box, for my DVR service. That is way too expensive. I mean, I do use it a lot, but I could probably get two different streaming services for that amount of money, per month. And I am just talking about the amount I pay for one television. I could pay for a basic television subscription, with the amount I paying between the two different digital boxes. I am probably going to cancel my current service in the near future, and move on to something else.