My Favorite Tree Fell Down During Bad Weather

I’ve loved the trees in my yard for the last 30 years that I have lived in my home. I really did not think I would lose a large part of one. But getting help with tree service in Long Island is what I ended up needing badly. I know nothing about trees, and I had no idea that they really need regular care. Call me naive, but I am a busy person and I have never learned anything about trees. I simply had no idea. But after getting some help, I understand what needs to happen for their health from now on.

One of the trees out in front of my house was about 50 feet tall. It is one of two trees that are so tall that they help to shade my house enough to keep my utility bills down. But after a very mild rain storm one night, I hard an odd cracking noise outside. I did not think too much at first until it suddenly got louder and I heard a loud boom. I could feel the vibrations in the house in the chair was I was sitting in and in my feet that were touching the floor. I rushed outside with a flashlight thinking that something may have blown up, but the issue turned out to be that the top 25 percent of my tree cracked off and just barely missed my house. I ended up going to sleep because it was too dark to do anything about it that late at night.

When I woke up the next morning, I suddenly remembered what happened to the tree outside when I opened my eyes. I quickly got dress and went outside to look everything over. The large part of the tree that fell off was much too large for me to cut apart and haul off, so I had a tree service company come and do it for me. It is so great that there are companies out there that will come do what you need for help at any given time.