Modeling Our Education on Individual Necessities

Ms Jennie, Yarwood Avenue (Clementi, Singapore), Apr-2013With my time being spent in-between Singapore and the United States, I have come to learn much about the differences within our cultures. With my trip here being both business and pleasure, I wanted to be able to take the time to get a closer look at the way the people of Singapore approach their education. Education and the way we learn has always been a fascinating topic for me as I consider myself someone who does poorly within the traditional educational model found in the United States. Here in Singapore, they have the arriter home tuition – a term that differs from our own, meaning instead a personal tutor that will come to your home and teach you whatever a client is looking to delve into. This sort of personal tutorship is a model that I wish existed more throughout the United States. Tutors are not rare by any means but they are typically found working within the same educational model that the school systems utilize.