Luxurious Apartments for Rent in Portland, Oregon

I have moved to Portland, Oregon in order to pursue my dreams. I recently accepted an amazing job opportunity in the city, and it is definitely going to involve a bit of going out on a limb to move to Portland, but if this works out, then it could launch my career. I am not sure how many opportunities I am going to get to break into my career of choice. Anyway, I better find apartments in portland or that are currently available for rent. I am looking for an apartment that is pretty luxurious, as I want to make sure that my quarters are comfortable during my stay in Portland.

The last time I lived in an apartment, I got the cheapest one I could find, and it was very tiny and cramped. I will not make that mistake again, and since I expect the compensation from my new job to be fairly considerable, it seems appropriate to go ahead and rent a nice apartment. I do not know anything about Portland though, or the different areas of the city. I would prefer to find a fairly nice part of town to rent an apartment. I guess that I could do a bit of research about the city, and that could guide me towards a location where I would enjoy to live.

I am going to need to make a trip to the city within the next two weeks, and as such, I would like to go ahead and try to make arrangements to move into an apartment, before I actually leave for the city to start my new job. I am hopefully just going to fly into Portland one morning, and then start moving into my new apartment by some time in the early afternoon. That would be the ideal situation.