Location, Location, Location Isn’t a Joke

We owned a piece of real estate in Denver that I thought was pretty nice. We lived there for many years and enjoyed our time in our home, but when my husband retired we decided to move to Florida and enjoy some warmer weather. Over the years, the place we lived in became somewhat less of a desirable location, apparently, so we quickly ran into some problems when we put the home on the market. It sat there with little interest for several months before we decided to take it off the market and explore our options.

We thought about just staying in Denver for a few more years, thinking that perhaps the real estate market might improve enough so that we could quickly unload our property. Too, there was talk of some new development in the area and we thought that might entice a few buyers interested in living in the area. When the new development turned out to be a rumor, we decided to put our home up again and find a new realtor to see if someone else could do a better job finding an excited buyer. We still had our hearts on going to Florida as soon as possible.

We found a top notch realtor who not only is a serious guy with a track record of moving homes quickly, but he is also an extremely effective negotiator. He came to visit and listened to our previous experience in trying to sell the home and quickly developed a plan of action. I was a bit skeptical, but he sold the house in less than two week and he got us the asking price. We didn’t even have to come down at all for the buyer. My husband and I are excited to move on to our retirement with an account full of money.