Just Got Moved into My Cabin

I got lost the first time I came out to look at this place.I still need to get to the place where it is comfortable to live in and I am looking at the satellite tv deal on this web page. http://www.directsavingstv.com/. I am not really sure if I will be able to get any sort of internet there, which would be a tragedy for my kids, but I am going to be pretty much fine with it. This place is really in the back roads around Smith Mountain Lake, which is pretty difficult to get around by car to be honest about it. I would not have bothered to buy the place if I had not known how to get there much easier than I could by car.

In fact it is almost not worth your time to try to get there by car unless I need to bring something in the back of my truck that I can not fit into my boat, or which I could not get in and out of the boat easily. So now I just leave my boat up at this place called Indian Point which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from the house. I call them up before I get ready to leave and they take my boat around to the dock at their hotel, then I take the boat to the house. I still need to get to where it is comfortable though. I am going to figure out if this place http://www.directsavingstv.com/ has a competitive deal on satellite tv, as obviously we are talking about a place wher you can not get cable. A lot of these areas are high developed, in fact in some places you have dozens of million dollar houses, but this is the backwoods.