Just Got a New House Built

I have a good job working for Michigan State university (or pretty much working as a contractor for the school actually) and I have finally put together the money to build a house. I would have preferred if it had been closer to the campus, but that was not that practical of an idea. Instead I am around twenty or twenty five minutes away by car. The place sits on a nice piece of land, within walking distance of a lake. It is a house that I could affor and it has a couple of nice features. A lansing adt provider set up the alarm system for it this week and that is part of the system of smart features that I put into the design. It has a small amount of solar power and a solar water heater, in essence it is designed to be good for winter storms in Michigan. So I designed it with a back up generator big enough to run the essentials. It is in turn hooked up to run off natural gas.

Obviously if you have a real disaster it is pretty tough to get to the store to buy gasoline or diesel for a generator. So instead you fix it up so that it runs off your natural gas system. It does not run all of the stuff in the house, but it is what you need. Of course some people might need more than I need, but I just figure a couple of lights and a refrigerator and a water pump is pretty good. It is great to have all that other stuff and obviously I will be able to run a tv or a computer as well. The house has a great deal of insulation and I built it up against a hill, partly under the ground.