It’s the Married Life for Me

I am officially a married man. My beautiful wife Joanna and I got married last week. So far, the marriage has been nothing less than great. I moved from United States to the country of Singapore to be with my lovely wife. We plan on starting our own business. We have a lot of our personal objects with us. We received many wedding presents from family members and friends. We cannot keep it all in the house. I need to find place for self storage in Singapore.

We need a storage facility that can hold all of our stuff. The ideal facility would be one that has adequate and competent security. Our belongings are very valuable to us and must be protected at all times. The facility must have durable locks that can be only opened by the owners of the possessions. I would be very distraught if a thief obtained my personal possessions. It would be devastating. My wife has a large collection of jewelry. It is very valuable and special to her. The protection of our valuables must be safe.

I also need a facility that is durable. It must be able to survive fires and storms. We have many valuables that are fragile. They must be secured in a facility that is like a fortress. It must be able to handle wind and water from storms. If the facility has a leak in it, the water will cause our belongings to mildew and grow harmful mold.

Most importantly, we need a facility that is affordable. We recently got married and are trying to save as much money as possible. We are living on a very tight budget and cannot afford to spend money on lavish expenses. The ideal facility should have a reasonable monthly fee for storage. The perfect fee would be around ten dollars a month.