I’m Taking the Same Type of Classes My Dad Once Took

I was born in China. My mother was also born there, and when she was in her twenties, she met an American man who she married. That man is my father. When we still lived there, my dad had access to a great kung fu education because of the many classes available in a nearby city. When I was very young, I can remember sitting outside and playing with my toys while watching him practicing his moves nearby. He learned enough to become a brown belt while we were there. When I was four years old, we moved to America.

I was never lucky enough to take all the same classes that dad did before we left to come here. I was too young, or so my dad thought. But he did take the time to teach me some of the things he knew. I would clumsily follow along, but did not have much interest because I was so young. Instead, I wanted to go outside to ride my bike, play with my friends or throw a ball around with my playmates. That didn’t bother dad much, he still practiced on his own and would once in awhile ask me to practice with him. I enjoyed spending time with my dad more than anything, though.

When I grew older, dad grew very sick. It was a sad time in life for me and mom. Dad was our world. He was the most loving person that I knew. He loved my mother and me very much, and suddenly, we were faced with the fear of losing him forever. Dad fought his illness for another two years and then passed away when I was just 17. I am a man of 25 years now, and I miss seeing dad practicing his karate moves. This is what has made me enroll in classes online so that I can learn it, and it is really enjoyable.