If You Can Get One, Go for It

... correct axle spacer, anti- rotation anchor arm, mounting bracket andbond on brickell is the place that you go if you want to get the best in business. If you want some second rate product than you should go elsewhere because these guys know waht they are doing, and their price reflects that. I am perfectly ok with paying a little bit extra to get the very best as I am sure a lot of others of you are. Some people just can not afford to pay for the best, and that is ok. This is just not the place for you is all. They offer the best service and they expect the best price. If you offered the best hamburgers in town you would absolutely raise the price to reflect that, because people can not expect to get the best without paying for the best. These guys really are the best and I recommend you pay them whatever they are asking because they have gotten me out of trouble more than once. I know that if I ever need a new home than these are the guys I will call. Sure everyone thinks that all condos are scams, but they really are not. This one was one of the best deals I have ever seen, and I rent it out every summer. I am just two years away from it having paid for itself, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. It has only been four years and I am that close to having it free and clear. I do not plan on selling it any time soon, although I have gotten a few offers and I may consider selling it if the price is right. I suggest you buy one if you get the chance and never look back, it is that great. If you can get one go for it.