I Was Thinking About Opening a Little Coffee Nook

I got to thinking about this after I went up to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital one day on business. I had to go see a client who was up there. He had this incident with a truck on the motor way and it ended poorly for him. At any rate I stopped at this little nook they had set up and got a very good cup of coffee. I realized that the fellow had set it up quite well. He had a lot of gear, apparently he had gotten a Centralcoast coffee grinder and one of the really nice coffee makers that they have. I got to thinking about what was involved in the process and mostly about how to market it. Of course there are Starbucks every place you turn, but this idea would be more on the idea of co opting spaces where there were a lot of people and selling them coffee.

For example in the lobby of a lot of buildings you could find a space and put a little booth in. If you made really good coffee then you could get people to stop before they got on the elevator to go up to the office. In our office the coffee is usually terrible. It is made by some random person and it seems as though no one ever cleans out the pot. Obviously we do not have the premium gear that you need if you wanted to really do a first rate job.You have to spend a good bit of money if you want to have the right gear to go about this really well though. It is not cheap to get a really good coffee machine or the other stuff that does the job right either. A good machine is going to cost over 1500 dollars.