I Wanted to Look Good Again Without Resorting to Makeup

“Your skin is looking rather unhealthy,” my husband said to me one night when we were sitting down at the table for a nice dinner. It was frustrating, but I knew he was right. My mom had also pointed it out to me. I booked an appointment with an aesthetic clinic soon after my husband made that comment to me. I knew that neither he nor my mother were being cruel. We all point out changes in one another. I’m glad they said something because it made me realize that I should go get help before things got out of control.

Cosmetics have never been my thing. Most of my friends love cosmetics. I tried using them when I was younger, but they just made me break out, and I also did not like how much time it took every day to put on a full face of makeup. Instead, I left my face natural each day, and I’ve never had any problems making friends, dating or even getting married, even though I don’t hide behind mascara, lipstick or eyeshadow. Now that my skin was not looking as good, I did not want to feel like I needed to start wearing it.

The employees and doctor at the aesthetic clinic really made me hopeful. The doctor complimented me on my skin and said that my skin actually looks rather good for my age. He said that laser treatments would give me the small boost I need to look radiant again. They applied a gel formula to my face and then used the laser. I could see a difference by the end of the appointment, so I will go back a few more times over the next few months. The doctor said that I only need to come in a few times per year for maintenence.