I Needed to Save Money on TV

I really wanted to have TV programming, but I knew that I could not afford it. At least, that is what I thought. When I had my cable disconnected, my bill was nearly 150 dollars per month. Granted, I was getting a lot of channels, but it was just too much money for me to spend each month. I did miss having it though, and that is when I discovered I can have my cake and eat it too, as far as cable TV goes anyway. I discovered Charter TV after a friend told me to check their webpage out.

I saw where I would be able to get all of my favorite channels for an incredibly low price each month. Granted, I would need to bundle my home phone and Internet with it to get the incredible deal, but I didn’t mind switching those services over to them either. I was still paying less money for all three of them than what I was paying for just my Internet and phone service. I never realized that bundling services together could be such a savings factor, and I am really thankful that my friend introduced me to this idea.

I was able to get all of the information that I needed from the website. I could see all of the channels that I was going to get, and the great thing is that all of the high def channels are free. I had to pay extra for that with my former cable company. The download speeds are amazing too, so I knew that there was nothing second rate about this company. Charter TV allowed me to have TV programming back in my home, and I wish now I would have had them all along. I would have received the same programming for a lot less money each month!