I Learned That My Wife is the Same Great Woman That She Always Has Been

I don’t like it when people stonewall. What that means is that if I ask questions and someone refuses to answer, that is a problem for me. It is abusive in my eyes. My wife had suddenly started stonewalling when it comes to the Snapchat app she uses. I wondered if there is a way to hack Snapchat easily, and there certainly is! All I had to do was to download another little app that does all the work for me. I am so grateful for all the little tech helps that are available to people now, and this particular one also saved my relationship.

The reason that I left the last woman that I dated years agao is because she was super secretive about so many things. It was like pulling teeth to get her to tell me where she was going, where she had been, etc. At first, she was somewhat open about things, but over time, she would say things like, ‘I’m a grown woman, you don’t need to know what I’m doing this next weekend.” It got to be too much. I simply asked out of curiosity, and I was always more than willing to give her the respect of letting her know what I was doing during the time that we were not together. I left her because of that.

This year, my wife started stonewalling, and because that is not something she normally does, I wondered if she was having an affair. I would ask things like “Who are you talking to so much on that app?” and she would say little. This went on day after day. I finally got to see that she was chatting with her two best friends on it. I personally would not think that women have that much to chat about or share photos of all day long, but I have learned that it is very possible! I’ve now told myself to relax and simply let her have fun.