I Hurt My Tailbone in a Fall

I have fallen a few times in the past, and the only thing that was hurt was my pride. When I fell this last time though, my pride was the last thing that I was thinking of. I could barely get up on my own, and my tailbone hurt so much. It hurt to walk, it hurt to sit, it hurt to do just about anything. I spent nearly two days laying on my couch or bed, but then I knew I had to look up some Santa Maria chiropractors and find one who would be able to see me that same day.

I could not go through another day of just laying there in pain, and I knew that I needed to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong too. I figured that it was something that time would need to take care of, but I wanted the peace of mind in knowing that there was nothing seriously wrong too. The chiropractor I called accepts my insurance, and they were able to get me in for a same day appointment, so I considered that a good sign. Getting there was tough because it hurt to sit, but the pain was worth it because of what came next.

The chiropractor did a quick exam in his office and he also took some X-rays so he could see exactly what was going on inside my body. He liked what he saw, and he told me that a series of adjustments would take care of the issue. I groaned when he told me that because I thought he meant that the pain was not going to disappear until I had all of them. I quickly learned that was not the case because I was able to feel a difference almost immediately. It still hurt to sit for a few more days, but the pain was a lot more manageable!