I Hope to Be Back Home Soon

I am not really thinking too much about the future really, I am just trying to get out of the hole and find a way to get back on my feet right. Of course I have government benefits and for now I am doing well compared to where I could be. My uncle owns a company that does tree removal in Hendersonville NC and I moved up there so that I could make some money this summer. He has a loft over his garage. I cleaned it up and made myself a really comfortable place to lay my head, although it is not going to be suitable when the weather turns cold in about three months or so. Hendersonville is in the mountains, a little south of Asheville and when the weather turns up here it turns fast. There is actually a ski slope within walking distance of here, if you are tough enough to walk up and down mountain slopes of course.

If I want to talk to the store from here, the actual distance is not far at all. I suppose that it is less than three quarters of a mile. However it is up hill all of the way and I lose my breath a little when I go there. Of course I am trying to lay off my bad habits, although if I knew any girls around here I am sure I would fall prey to that temptation rapidly. So when I go to the store I buy things that I have to have. I am saving pretty much every dime I can without starving to death. Of course when food is your only expense that is not much money that you have to spend. I will head back home when the winter starts up here and I have a good job lined up I hope.