I Have a New Partner to Play Games with

I often play video games when I go visit my grandparents. Just recently, my grandfather began to take an interest in my games. He began asking me which ones I play, how I figure out how to best play them and more. I asked if he wanted to try one of them out, and he was hooked soon after. I set up my favorite game for him to play, then I downloaded a Virtual Families 2 hack so that I could get him some of the items in the game that will help him play easier. He is 84 years old, and I think it is pretty cool that he is now playing, too.

I visit my grandparents during school holidays and for a few weeks every summer. Mom says this gives her some time off for herself, and she also wants me to be close to my grandparents. I love to visit them. They spend a lot of time doing things with me when I am visiting. My grandmother loves to cook and feed me a lot of really good food. My grandpa loves to get up early in the morning with me so that we can go fishing together. I wish that mom and I lived nearby. I would like to see them more often than I do, and because they are getting older, I think it would be good for my mother and me to be closer to them, too.

Even though I am back home with my mother again, my grandpa is still playing the video game that I got him started on. He calls me to discuss strategies and ask me questions. It makes me smile. I talked to my mom this week about us moving closer to them or having them move here to where we are. She said that she thinks that is a really good idea, and she also said that she is also very impressed with how smart I am.