I Found a New Apartment Last Week

Of course the place I was living was okay, but I did not have my name on the lease and the guy who did just packed up and vanished. The landlord came and tried to bully me into hiring a service that does house cleaning for Singapore, but I just laughed at him and asked him what was in it for me. Obviously when you sign the lease they make you pay that thing that they can keep if you do not do like you agree, a security deposit. I did not pay a security deposit, in fact there were two other people sharing his apartment before I did. My name is not on anything and they have nothing on me. I made a deal with the guy who did that, but he has gone some place else. I think that he moved in with his girlfriend. He left a bunch of his stuff here, but not any of it is of interest to me

I am going to pack up and move to a new place, I already found a new roommate. This guy at work was ready to beg me to come live in the place. His old roommate is gone and obviously he needs some help paying the rent and the expenses. The place is a lot closer to the office as well, so I will be able to get there easier and quicker. More importantly to me I will be able to sleep about ten minutes later in the morning. That is a big deal to me as I hate to get up in the morning and I really like to stay up at night when I am having fun. So I am really loving that already, although ten minutes is only a big deal for ten minutes.