I Can Get You an Interview with My Resume Tips

I get people asking me to make them a resume all the time. It is not that hard. One thing I learned a long time ago is that most who are in charge of hiring have to go through a lot of resumes. They do not want to see something fancy, and their eyes naturally fall about one third of the way down the page for a few seconds first. That is the first thing they look at. I use a resume template that takes advantage of that section of the page to accentuate what you want the potential employer to see. For some it is your work history. For others it may be educational history. It depends on the job you are going for. I use a different template for each purpose.

In my opinion, they are not likely to even look at your name until they see what they want. The first thing in the weeding out process is to eliminate the resumes that are not qualified. If a certain work history is required or educational history, then that is why you want it a third of the way down. They see that and can tell if it is worth looking at the rest of your resume. I would imagine they do not even see your name until they look at you for the final pile that gets an interview. I can practically guarantee an interview when I do a resume. That is, if you have the qualifications for the job. The rest of it is up to you.

I mean, I can get you in the door to sit down with the employer. However, if you goof up the interview, that is on you. I encourage people to dress up and be clean. Even if you are going for a job where you will be dirty all the time, you should look good for your interview.