I Am Trying to Find a Condo

Of course I do not much care for paying rent on a place, since the money that I spend is gone for all of time, so I am trying to find a condo that I can afford which is going to fit in with my life. There seems to be a good place that was built by the New Futura Condo developers, but it seems like it is going to cost a bit more than I would like to pay for a place. Obviously it is going to be best if the place is close to where I work and the other places that I need to go. I have a girlfriend and she lives in a place of her own, one which she has no desire to share with me. In fact it is pretty clear that she is not really serious about me as a relationship and that is fine with me for a number of reasons, the big one being that I could not imagine living the rest of my life with her. So in essence she is not really that big of a factor in any of my decisions. I want to get a place which is really in the close proximity of the office.

In fact I have been having a lot of trouble getting to work and back from where I live in the current situation. It is a big thing for me, since I am not really keen on getting up and leaving for work about forty minutes before I need to be there. Obviously I want to get up and get to my office as quickly as possible, and that means that I need to be able to get to work in a very short time. There does not seem to be much that fits my needs.