I Am Back in School Now

Of course I was in college for two and a half years and I was doing really well, but there was not enough money for me to finish right off. So I went back home and began to work a job at a department store during the day. At night I managed to find this thing doing physics tuition for rich kids, or at least most of them were rich. It is not like a poor person can really afford to pay someone to tutor their kids. They were usually willing to work hard enough, which is really great. It is like that expression about how you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink. The people who want to learn are able to do it and the ones who do not care are just wasting my time and their time. It is obvious that I get paid either way, but I really do not like trying to teach a person who simply will not put forth the effort.

I really am happy to be back in school, although I am going to have to keep up the work for the foreseeable future. The store manager gave me a job working after they close up. There is still stuff to do, although it is only part time. I do a little bit of janitor type stuff and I stock the shelves. It is boring and I have to work until around three at night. One night I was so tired that I just laid down to sleep on a couch in the store. My phone woke me up before the others came in to open the store, but I do not think they would have cared all that much. I was so exhausted I could not bother to care.