How We Use Professional Video Production in Our Company Personnel Training

We have to shoot interviews with our industry professionals to keep our employees in the loop of ever changing and developing technology. Nothing is static in our business. A week could go by and something could come along that has the potential to change our market landscape. We stay profitable and relevant by quickly adapting to developments in our field. If we can make it better, we do. We shoot a lot of our overseas experts using a company that does corporate video in Singapore. They shoot, edit and produce what we need in a timely manner.

For example, a scientist recently released a paper on the development of something new in our medical marketplace electronics. It is a game changer as far as we are concerned. We wanted our scientists to ask him a lot of questions to fully inform our people on what was coming down the Pike. Our senior scientists are in Singapore, so we flew him in to have a video shoot done. It was great. The information for our company is priceless. This scientist had no interest in being privately recruited. He just knew the technology that was up and coming better than anyone else we had ever heard of. We paid him for his time, and we enjoyed information that is driving changes within our company in anticipation.

Overall, we are ahead of our competitors in innovation by leaps and bounds. This all comes from taking new and relevant information and getting it quickly disseminated to everyone in our company to whom it applies. We find that professional video production in a training video format works best for us. We do not delay. We use corporate video production companies around the world in this manner. If the key people can’t come to us, we will send a mobile video crew to wherever they are at. Communication of ideas and potential in business keeps us moving forward. We never rest on our laurels.