Having a Pretty Good Time Here

It is not a sure thing that they will ever call me up, but I have a lot of support in the club here. It is obviously not a full time job and at times I have been operating a taxi for Bristol. It is a bit funny that some of the time I pick up a group of people who think they might recognize me. Obviously I am the striker for the club and since I score the goals that means that I have a bit higher profile than the usual footballer at this level of the game. Of course in general the real prospects are a good bit younger than me. There are boys of sixteen who are on the team, while I am old enough to buy a pint at the pub. It is a job and I have a lot of fun just the same. I was pretty sure that I was going to be out of the game by now and so long as they are willing to pay me to play it is fine with me.

Of course the big thing is that you are a bit of a small time celebrity and that is a good bit of fun. It is not as though super models are having catfights over me in front of clubs, like they some times do over the big name footballers, but on the other hand it does not hurt you with the lasses. I have to watch out for all of the free pints I get after a good match. A couple of weeks ago we played a rather inferior side. Most of all they had lost all of their defense. The goalie was a bit of a joke and the other defenders were no better, they made me look great.