Having a Great Summer Recess

I guess that my brother really knows how to pick the right woman to marry. He invited me and my girlfriend to come on vacation with them. In fact he wants us to watch his kids some of the time, but the price was definitely right for me and Courtney. We had nothing better to do and his was offering us two free weeks in a luxury vacation rental in miami. I suspect that he and his wife did not really realize how close this place was to the parts of South Beach where they have clothing optional beaches. Courtney and I were out walking yesterday and we got about half an hour into the walk when a couple of really attractive blondes strolled past me wearing nothing except thongs. I looked, but tried not to get caught. They were apparently Swedish or something, and they really seemed to love the expression on Courtney’s face.

I thought she would make me turn around, but instead she started asking me if I wanted to take off my shorts.