Growing from the Ground Up

Office Safety Information PosterI love taking care of my garden. It really helps me relax and gets rid of my boredom. One day while I was taking my smsts course, I decided that I wanted to try a new garden project. I had been used to growing flowers, but this time I wanted to try my hand at growing fruits and vegetables. I figured that I wouldn’t be too hard to grow edible crops. After all, it’s essentially the same as growing flowers, it just takes a little longer for the fruit and vegetables to grow when compared to something like a flower. Still, I was a little cautious about growing the crops without any problems, so I did a little research first.

I looked online for some information that would help be avoid as many problems as possible with my crops. I knew that fungus, disease, bugs, and other pests would be a problem, and if I didn’t guard against these, my crops would be gone in no time.