Got the Outside of the House Built

Discover the timeless beauty.. of Plantation Shutters .Meg and I spent the day pick out the trim for the house. The shell is is finished and all of the electrical and plumbing work is done. I found a great place for orange county shutters and that is where we are going to pick out the trim for the house. The place has a brick facade, mostly because I am not interested in any painting. I am going to make this house as low maintenance as it can possibly be. There is not any reason to paint if you can avoid it for example, so the place is going to be completely vinyl and brick. Of course the vinyl looks good and you will only know it is vinyl if you get up close and look at it good. Other than that it will look like painted wood, more or less at the least. It will have to be painted ever so often.

I made sure that there are not any trees close to the house that will be dropping stuff on the roof either. There is a really nice white oak in the front corner of the yard and a windbreak will eventually shield the house from the North wind, but it is formed from a lineof Eastern Red Cedar trees, which are excellent for this purpose and smell really good to boot. I got rid of all of the trees that are going to drop leaves in too big of a number and I am replacing them with fruit trees and shrubbery. The inside of the house has not even been started yet. We are not going to worry about the basement for a good while, but I will start working on the upstairs next weekend. Then I will work out some more deals with my buddies.