Got Some Art Deco Socks for My Birthday

At first I was wondering if my friend Shiela made these socks herself, because they almost look like they are some of her artwork. She is like at art deco designer and she has been working on this style, which I have sort of made fun of in a totally not serious way. At any rate she found this place that makes custom sock, it is called Custom Elite socks and they are on etsy where she gets a lot of her ideas from. This is the URL At any rate she had them make me about six different designs of socks, some of them are purposely hideous and that is the truth. She was definitely trying her best to make them so that I would not ever wear them. Of course some of them look pretty nice and have a good design to them. I guess that a lot of people would wear them so that people would notice them.

Of course I am not ever going to look at another guy’s socks very closely I do not believe. Really how many times does one guy look at what another guy has on his feet. Women pay attention to that sort of thing, they care if the other girl is wearing nicer stuff than what they have on. Guys only care about whether or not girls like what they are wearing and many of them take almost no thought about what they are going to wear. It would take me a couple of minutes to remember what color socks I have on my feet without looking. It is not a big priority with me to color coordinate my socks with the rest of the clothes that I am wearing today. I probably would put on ugly socks and only worry if they were warm or not.