From Boat Living to Living in Nice Apartments in Newport News

We have a 45 foot trawler that my father owned. He bought it new. It is one that has been built for living. It has a large galley and saloon, and the berths are also roomy. Even the head looks and feels residential. My wife and I have lived on the boat for months at a time. We travel and work as we go. We would find ourselves pulling into Newport News when returning from many of our adventures and then flying to our home up north. We decided to find some nice and affordable apartments in Newport News to use as a home base.

We were not looking for one of those apartments that charge a fortune for a lease. We wanted a nice home with comfortable rooms and a few nice amenities. Our boat is a nice size, but it still is a boat. Our apartment in Newport News is so big that it takes some getting used to when we plan on staying at home for a couple of months. I like the big living room and the large kitchen. The big closets are really nice. When we get the urge to start traveling by boat again, we can leave our place not having to worry about cutting grass or anything. We really enjoy the freedom that apartment living permits.

After an adventure on our boat in another part of the world, we like to come home and relax for a few days or weeks. It is nice to be leasing one of the nicer apartments in Newport News. It takes a couple of days and nights to get used to no more movement under my feet as well as not hearing a big diesel engine purring. We like everything in our new apartment from the appliances to the flooring to the apartment being pet-friendly so we can have our dog, Scooter, with us.