Flyer Advertising is Still Popular in Singapore

My sister still lives in Singapore with our parents. She takes care of their needs, but she has always wanted her own business. Though our parents do need a little extra help, they are supportive of her living out her dream. They helped her lease a place, buy furnishings and hire staff for her nail salon. My sister is a real go getter. I paid for her first three rounds of flyer distribution in Singapore to get her business off the ground. She started out with two part-time helpers, and now she has five full-time workers who are swamped with clients.

My sister’s approach is to do it right the first time to keep customers coming back again and again. She also personally trains each staff member to do the manicures and pedicures her way no matter how much experience or training they have. My sister uses innovation and bold techniques that wow her customers. She has an incredible amount of male customers who want good looking nails too. One great thing about her setup is the privacy for pedicures. As a customer you can choose an open area to sit next to friends who are with you, or you can just walk passed that area to cubicles that offer privacy. This gets a lot of people out who are embarrassed or shy to get pedicures.

The flyer distribution in Singapore is a quick way to drum up business. It is not something you see a lot of here, but back home there are companies that will print your flyers and personally hand them out door to door or in heavily populated public places. They will even place them on cars if you wish. It is a form of advertising that still works quite well on the island of Singapore where I am from.