Finding an Aveda Salon and Island Life Has Me Wanting to Stay in Singapore

I wanted to stick with a hair salon that used the aveda products I was used to back home. I was going to be here in Singapore for at least the next six months on business. That is at least six trips to the hair salon for me. It is expected in my position to look my best with my hair and clothes. That is why I am picky about the salon and the products they use. It did not take much looking for me to find the perfect salon to have my hair done in Singapore.

I chose the place that is the official salon for Miss Singapore International. They are an Aveda salon in Singapore. I can get the products I am used to using at home without having to order them online. Plus, they use the professional products such as the keratin hair treatment to restore shine and the botanical hair treatment I used to get back home. This salon makes Singapore feel a lot like home to me. I am already enjoying my stay here and it has only been about a month.

There is one stylist I am particularly fond of. She does my hair exactly like I prefer it. Though I don’t want my stylist back home to find out, this girl here in Singapore does my hair perfect every time. I cannot say that about my stylist back home. So far the food, the people and the place I am staying at has been perfect. I could get used to this island living, especially with the great weather. It is so nice and warm here. Back home they have snow!

I am hoping that my firm will extend my stay. I am doing the best job ever done by a person assigned to this task so I do not get rotated out. I am hoping that it can become a permanent position. I really do like it here.