Creating a Network of Contractors for One-Stop Shopping

I am a general contractor and have come up with an idea to create a network of different contractors in which we all refer each other to our customers. It can be kind of like a one-stop shop. We could all set our own prices but would have the opportunity to possibly give a discount if the customer uses multiple services from our network. I have made initial contact with everybody I have in mind except for a Nassau County tree service company. I plan on calling a former colleague who does this scope of work.

I already know a lot about his company as I have used his services myself and think that his prices are reasonable and fair. He has a professional staff of laborers, a certified arborist and sales reps. I also know that they value safety and have had not had any accidents in quite a few years. They use only the latest up to date equipment, tools, and safety equipment. They provide many different services such as pruning, planting, pest control, mosquito control, stump grinding and emergencies. This is just a partial list of the residential and commercial services they offer. The owner is very outgoing and often says that no job is too big or too small.

I think the tree service company would be a great addition to our network of contractors. Who wouldn’t want to call one phone number to get a variety of professional services such as plumbing, HVAC, construction, electrical, masonry work and tree services? And if one of our contractors is on the job and the client mentions some other work they need to be completed, they can refer the other contractors in the network. And we could have all customers billed under the network name to make it easier on them. We then can pay each individual contractor their portion of the payment. I think it’s a great idea.