Changing the Face of Detroit

Michigan Airports, Michigan Airports MapDetroit was once a beautiful progressive city where the hopes of the blue collar worker were laid upon. This was a city that was defined by its industry of building cars but as technology and economic climates change, so to must a city. Unfortunately, Detroit was unable to adapt nor cope with the loss of their automobile industry and thus have fallen far into disrepair. Much of the city is in dire need of help as their infrastructure begins to fall apart around them bit by bit. Hopefully michigan property management will be able to take a good look at what is happening around them and push for radical reforms to bring the city back to sanity once more. It has been, unfortunately, caught in the grips of politicians who do not want to release their power that they have over the city and have, with their bickering and inability to agree, sunk the economy of Detroit right into the gutters. This is a shameful blight for all of the United States.