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My Condo Looks Great Because of Cleaning Services

I am not the type of person to use home cleaning services for Singapore residents, or at least I never used to be the type. I am not lazy, so that is just something that I always took care of on my own. Even when my work hours got a bit busier, I just reorganized my time to fit everything in. That was fine when I was only working a few extra hours extra a week, but a special work project came up that required about 20 extra hours per week. It was something I was extremely excited about, but I also knew that I could not squeeze an extra 20 hours into my week without giving up a lot of things.

One of those things was cleaning my house. Continue reading

Flood Monitoring is Included with This ADT Package

My house is located right on the river. Flooding has always been an issue, but we have been quite fortunate here. Some of our neighbors get flooded every year, but we only had to go through that twice in all the years we have been here. One of the things that I did recently was look into ADT in Colorado Springs because they have flood monitoring as part of the package deal. Even though I have been fortunate where I live for being right on the river, I knew that any safeguards in place to alert me if there is flooding going on is well worth the price. Continue reading

When You Need Pest Control Denver Delivers

Last week, I woke up and heard a loud noise coming from my bathroom. I am terrified of mice and other small critters, so I ran to the bathroom and looked around. I didn’t see anything, but heard a loud noise under the bathtub. I didn’t know what to do, so I shut the bathroom door. I decided to call pest control in the morning.

I knew that if I wanted pest control in denver probably had a lot of companies dealing with that, but I didn’t know who to call. I ended up getting a recommendation from someone I knew. I called them up right away and they agreed to come out and see me.

I was really impressed with how much they knew about critters. I thought it sounded like an enormous monster, but the man laughed and assured me that wasn’t the case. He thought it was a squirrel, by the way the house looked. He walked around the house with me and looked at different things, to see where a pest would have gotten in. He said that he thought it was either a tiny mouse or a squirrel. In the boiler room we found a squirrel, which seemed to support his opinion.

He gave me a great tip about how to stuff my crawlspace with a rag to see if anything moved the rag. The next morning, sure enough, the rag was moved. The pest control guy said that it was likely something getting out, so I shouldn’t have to worry anymore.

Turns out, he was right. I have not heard anything from that moment on. I’m so happy with the company and the man who came out to see me, that I’d recommend them to anyone. Pest control can be scary, and i’m glad I had a good company.

He Changed the Company Uniform

When my boss asked for my help with reaching out to the rest of the employees, I was more than happy to offer my assistance. He knew there was a large gap, and that most employees did not feel comfortable going to him for most things. As his executive administrative assistant, one would think they would be the same with me, but I have always had a great rapport with everyone. My first suggestion to him was to look into corporate clothing, because most of the workers did not like the standard uniforms that were required by him.

Everyone must wear black slacks as well as a bright yellow tee shirt provided by the company. No one minded the black slacks, but everyone hated the yellow shirts. They commented numerous times how they felt customers were laughing at them, and I had to agree with them. I showed him a website where he could order new shirts, and he liked it a good bit.