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My New Job in As a Leasing Consultant

I am going to start a new job next week at New Futura Condos as a leasing consultant. I am extremely excited to embark on this new chapter in my life and can’t wait to start working for this company. These are new luxury condos in Singapore that are sure to attract a multitude of people wanting to live there. Part of my job will be giving tours to potential new tenants and buyers. I’m looking forward to meeting and helping these people find their new homes. I know it will be a little different every single day which is a good thing.

One thing I have to do is learn everything I can about this new community. I need to be prepared to answer any and all inquiries that come my way. Continue reading

The Demographics Are Finally Lining Up

When I purchased my first house to flip, I decided that I not only liked the idea of flipping a house but in owning it as well. Since I didn’t need but one house for myself, I ended up with nearly two dozen rental properties within a five year span. The houses were really nice, but I was not getting the demographics in there that I wanted. I wanted young Millennials since they are our future, so I knew that I was going to have to do some research. I did a search for rental housing tips, and that is how I found the Rental Housing Journal.

This is an online site that helps property management companies as well as landlords. There are a good amount of blog posts along with documents and articles that contain a lot of very useful information. I was really happy to have found this site because there was a lot of information about the younger generation. They are our future, so it made sense that we would have to adapt to their way of things. One of those things is being connected, as in the internet. Continue reading

I Am Trying to Find a Condo

Of course I do not much care for paying rent on a place, since the money that I spend is gone for all of time, so I am trying to find a condo that I can afford which is going to fit in with my life. There seems to be a good place that was built by the New Futura Condo developers, but it seems like it is going to cost a bit more than I would like to pay for a place. Obviously it is going to be best if the place is close to where I work and the other places that I need to go. I have a girlfriend and she lives in a place of her own, one which she has no desire to share with me. In fact it is pretty clear that she is not really serious about me as a relationship and that is fine with me for a number of reasons, the big one being that I could not imagine living the rest of my life with her. Continue reading

Location, Location, Location Isn’t a Joke

We owned a piece of real estate in Denver that I thought was pretty nice. We lived there for many years and enjoyed our time in our home, but when my husband retired we decided to move to Florida and enjoy some warmer weather. Over the years, the place we lived in became somewhat less of a desirable location, apparently, so we quickly ran into some problems when we put the home on the market. It sat there with little interest for several months before we decided to take it off the market and explore our options.

We thought about just staying in Denver for a few more years, thinking that perhaps the real estate market might improve enough so that we could quickly unload our property. Continue reading

A Great Steal on an Apartment

I started looking at apartments for rent in North Las Vegas about a month ago. I didn’t need to find one until this summer, but I thought it might take me a while to find the one that I wanted to call home. There are so many different apartment complexes in and around Las Vegas, and I just figured that it was going to take looking at quite a few of them in order for me to make a decision on which one I wanted to rent. Thankfully, it did not take me nearly as long as I thought it would.

I knew that I was going to conduct the majority of my search online. I started at the center of downtown and worked my way out. I did it this way because I work pretty much smack dab in the middle of the city, and I did not want to have a long commute time. I did that once with a job before, and it was miserable for me. As a result, I have promised myself that I will never work more than 15 minutes from my job if at all possible. Continue reading

From Boat Living to Living in Nice Apartments in Newport News

We have a 45 foot trawler that my father owned. He bought it new. It is one that has been built for living. It has a large galley and saloon, and the berths are also roomy. Even the head looks and feels residential. My wife and I have lived on the boat for months at a time. We travel and work as we go. We would find ourselves pulling into Newport News when returning from many of our adventures and then flying to our home up north. We decided to find some nice and affordable apartments in Newport News to use as a home base.

We were not looking for one of those apartments that charge a fortune for a lease. Continue reading

This is My Future Home

From the first moment I heard about Seaside Residences, I knew that it was where I wanted to be. First off, the location is perfect for me. I work only about a mile from where it is going to be developed, and that sure beats the commute that I have right now. It is also being designed to be extremely comfortable and wonderful for anyone living there. There are some condos that offer the typical amenities like swimming pools and fitness centers, but that is about it. That is just where things start with Seaside Residences though, as they offer so much more.

I wanted to look at the different floor plans, but they were not released yet when I looked. That did not mean I was not able to still get a lot of information on them though. Continue reading

Quality Property Appraisals Made Easy

This day and age it seems to be getting harder and harder to know the true value of anything. There are so many hard to read factors and complex details that estimating on your own is virtually impossible when it comes to properties. The truth is that it takes a lot of experience and training to be even remotely accurate, so it is hard to trust the word of anything less than a professional. This may sound daunting, but the upside is that getting a professional quality Sacramento Valley appraisal is now much easier than it has ever been.

These guys have been in business for over sixteen years, which makes it pretty clear that they have both experience and reliability. Their appraisals are well trusted throughout the community, as they have a great track record and intimate knowledge of the area. Continue reading

Friendship Found Across the Globe

This Christmas I’ve done quite a bit of travelling. Ever since I was a boy I’ve had the Internet. I started chatting with people as young as 11 and began to play various online games around the same time. I was a lonely kid thanks to being an only child with the loneliness exacerbated by the fact that my parents were getting divorced by the time I was 12. It was a rough childhood with my only friends being those that I made in the games. This Christmas I decided to visit them, finding Singapore short term rental apartments for the last leg of my trip to visit my friend Juan. Continue reading

It’s the Married Life for Me

I am officially a married man. My beautiful wife Joanna and I got married last week. So far, the marriage has been nothing less than great. I moved from United States to the country of Singapore to be with my lovely wife. We plan on starting our own business. We have a lot of our personal objects with us. We received many wedding presents from family members and friends. We cannot keep it all in the house. I need to find place for self storage in Singapore.

We need a storage facility that can hold all of our stuff. The ideal facility would be one that has adequate and competent security. Our belongings are very valuable to us and must be protected at all times. Continue reading

Luxurious Apartments for Rent in Portland, Oregon

I have moved to Portland, Oregon in order to pursue my dreams. I recently accepted an amazing job opportunity in the city, and it is definitely going to involve a bit of going out on a limb to move to Portland, but if this works out, then it could launch my career. I am not sure how many opportunities I am going to get to break into my career of choice. Anyway, I better find apartments in portland or that are currently available for rent. I am looking for an apartment that is pretty luxurious, as I want to make sure that my quarters are comfortable during my stay in Portland.

The last time I lived in an apartment, I got the cheapest one I could find, and it was very tiny and cramped. I will not make that mistake again, and since I expect the compensation from my new job to be fairly considerable, it seems appropriate to go ahead and rent a nice apartment. Continue reading

The Liberal Metropolis of a Hipster’s Dreams

Ever since I saw the show Portlandia, I’ve been considering my choice of staying here in Kentucky. Sure, Kentucky is a wonderful place and no doubt one of the most beautiful states here in the U.S but after so many years of calling it home I’m beginning to find myself wanting something more. Portlandia might be a satire of the city of Portland but a satire holds some element of true. Already I have started to look for apartments portland or homes to rent, further inspired by a friend of mine who recently returned from a trip to visit one of her own friends in Portland. She came to me and said, “I belong there.”. Continue reading

Out on My Own Again

Since 2008, their [Bishop] Balsam Lake facility has reduced hazardous ...I am not sure if it was my fault or not, but that is certainly how Anna sees it. Of course it was her apartment and I was not in much position to argue when she told me that I had to go. It was a lot of fun while it lasted and I thought it was going to be a longer term arrangement. I had to put almost of my stuff in a storage space in singapore. They are not exactly cheap though and it is just going to be a temporary solution until I find my own place. At the moment I am sleeping in my office on the floor behind my desk. I scared the crap out of the cleaning lady last night and for a bit I was afraid she was going to freak out and call the police.

The Perfect Place to Live

I have been going to King’s Dock for a while because I love to go boating. That is where my friends and I would congregate ever since we graduated from university. When I saw that a new development was being constructed there, I wanted to get as much information on it as I could. I did a search for corals at keppel bay even before the ground was broke, and I liked the artist’s renditions of what was going to be built there. I kept my eye on this project, and it started coming together even better than I had expected it to.

What I really liked about it is that it is not crowded. A lot of the new developments in the area will try to cram as many people in one building as possible. Here, there are 366 units, but they are spread out over 11 blocks. That means on average, there are only 30 units per block, give or take. Continue reading

Started Planning the New House

First Time Home Buyer's SeminarAt this point we are just at the start of the process. We have a piece of land, about an acre and one eigth with a power line right of way behind it so that no one can build too close to it. It is a bit odd shaped and so there is only one place that you can put a house on it. We have to get a contractor next and then by Spring we are going to try to lay the foundation. I am going to look at how hard selling your house online is going to be.

If You Can Get One, Go for It

... correct axle spacer, anti- rotation anchor arm, mounting bracket andbond on brickell is the place that you go if you want to get the best in business. If you want some second rate product than you should go elsewhere because these guys know waht they are doing, and their price reflects that. I am perfectly ok with paying a little bit extra to get the very best as I am sure a lot of others of you are. Some people just can not afford to pay for the best, and that is ok. This is just not the place for you is all. They offer the best service and they expect the best price. Continue reading

Take Time to Relax After Your Move

Buying a home and moving can be such a big job. Even though a person is very excited to buy their first fort lauderdale homes and they move into it, as soon as the project is complete, one of the main things that they are thinking about doing is relaxing. Deciding to buy a home, completing all of the paperwork and organizing a move can be mentally stressful. Getting the home ready and then actually moving all of the furniture and organizing it can be very physically draining. After a move, it is a good idea to take some time and just relax.

What is your favorite way to relax? Lots of people enjoy reading a good book. Continue reading

Having a Great Summer Recess

I guess that my brother really knows how to pick the right woman to marry. He invited me and my girlfriend to come on vacation with them. In fact he wants us to watch his kids some of the time, but the price was definitely right for me and Courtney. We had nothing better to do and his was offering us two free weeks in a luxury vacation rental in miami. I suspect that he and his wife did not really realize how close this place was to the parts of South Beach where they have clothing optional beaches. Courtney and I were out walking yesterday and we got about half an hour into the walk when a couple of really attractive blondes strolled past me wearing nothing except thongs. I looked, but tried not to get caught. They were apparently Swedish or something, and they really seemed to love the expression on Courtney’s face.

I thought she would make me turn around, but instead she started asking me if I wanted to take off my shorts.

I Wanted to Move in Quickly

When I first started looking at apartments, I had no idea I was going to find what I did. I was moving from a very small town, and the apartments there were very basic. I discovered that apartments in Albuquerque are quite different. I had found while I was scouring the Internet to find an affordable apartment there. When I saw all of the amenities that went along with the apartments there, I knew for sure that they were out of my price range. I was so surprised when I saw just how low the prices were after some research.

Even though the apartments back home were small and basic, they cost an arm and a leg. The ones I viewed online were cheaper, plus they had a lot more going for them. They were situated in a very beautiful area with a lot of paths and gardens nearby. Continue reading

Review Your Favorite Books Here

New River Yacht Club Ft. Lauderdale | 26 Floors | 300 ft | Under ...I wanted to start a website that would allow people the ability to review their favorite books. In return, there are a lot of different ways that I wanted people to respond with one another. If they had questions to ask the reviewer, I wanted them to be able to ask themselves. The reviewer would be able to answer all the questions that were asked of them. I was hoping that my favorite book on centro miami lofts was going to be reviewed. The book was a fiction story about all of the things that happened in this one particular miami loft. It was filled with many different characters who all intertwined with one another. I did not understand how they were all linked together until half way into the novel.